Race, Religion & Origin Discrimination

Protect Your Civil Rights from Workplace Discrimination

Race discrimination by employers is illegal. It is also against the law for employers to discriminate on the basis of national origin or religion; these factors all are considered protected categories under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Race discrimination, religious discrimination or discrimination based on national origin may occur during the hiring phase, layoffs or firings, promotions or demotions, pay or compensation issues, job conditions or reductions in responsibilities. The attorneys at Van Kampen Law have experience fighting all forms of discrimination.

Employment discrimination and sexual harassment are not just big-city problems. In fact, some of the most serious and reprehensible forms of discrimination occur in the rural communities that are so common across the Southeast. In many instances, discrimination in rural areas goes unreported or unaddressed — and the perpetrators go unpunished.

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At Van Kampen Law, we’ve expanded our practice to represent individuals in the rural counties surrounding Charlotte. While there are often very fine lawyers to be found in rural areas, they typically have general law practices that encompass a broad range of legal areas. If you have experienced discrimination in rural areas, you want an attorney whose practice is focused on employment law.

Rural employers accused of committing workplace discrimination generally turn to big-city attorneys with experience handling complex employment law cases. Given the challenges inherent in bringing employment law claims, you don’t want to face the additional hurdle of having an attorney whose understanding of this somewhat complex legal area is outmatched.

Our attorneys have devoted their careers to employment law. We can go toe-to-toe with any lawyer practicing in this field. In some instances, our civil rights attorneys have agreed to serve as co-counsel with small-town firms, providing counsel and advice so that the client can be better served. In fact, coupling a small-town attorney well known in the local legal community with the strategic vision and employment law experience of our firm can be a particularly effective strategy. This provides those who have experienced discrimination in rural areas an added benefit.