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Van Kampen Law strives to be regarded as the most aggressive employment litigation firm in North Carolina. That said, the firm also works effectively and in good faith with area employers to settle matters amicably and confidentially if possible.

While litigation may ultimately be necessary, Van Kampen Law’s initial approach to employers emphasizes diplomacy, open-mindedness, and mutual interests.

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Today, even the most basic employment discrimination cases involve the production of “electronically stored information.” The days of parties exchanging boxes of documents are over.

Now, both the Federal and North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure require the parties to exchange documents electronically. We have the technology and expertise to navigate the vagaries of electronically stored information.

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Attorney Josh Van Kampen often does more than zealously advocate for his clients, he enjoys taking extra time to get to know them.

“I’m always meeting amazing people that happen to be caught in dire straits. I try to be more than their legal counselor, and by doing that, I’m a more passionate advocate.”

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Historically, North Carolina’s courts were widely recognized as some of the most conservative in the nation. As a result, Van Kampen Law is only a small handful of firms in the state to exclusively practice plaintiff-side employment law.

Van Kampen Law’s primary clients are professional and executive-level victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment. However, the firm recognizes that it is imperative to combat discrimination from the factory floor to the board room, and its attorneys pick their cases accordingly.

Van Kampen Law strategically takes on fewer employment law cases so that it can devote sufficient resources to match up favorably against the large defense firms employers invariably hire. By concentrating its practice exclusively on employment law in North Carolina, Van Kampen Law has established solid working relationships with many of the area’s employment law defense attorneys and in-house counsels, which often facilitates early settlement. To that end, many of the cases referred to Van Kampen Law are from defense attorneys against whom the firm has litigated.

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Katie S.
Katie S.
I worked with this law firm and had a very positive experience. Mr. Córdova was so helpful and really explained the process and what to expect with my case. I would highly recommend this firm.
Greg Milroy
Greg Milroy
I had an excellent experience with Mr Josh Vankampen and his staff (Carmen and Anna specifically). They were very responsive and started working on my case the same day I contacted them. They were persistent and effective. My case was settled thru mediation and given the circumstances I was pleased. Josh is aggressive yet appropriate and thorough. My case involved employment law and I have No reservations in recommending this firm.
Heather Clark
Heather Clark
Working with Noel was an absolute pleasure. I was dealing with a difficult and confusing work situation and she did a fantastic job advising and helping me navigate to find the best solution. Would recommend 100%. The team was very thorough and timely in answering any questions and addressing any concerns during the whole process.
Geronie Jones
Geronie Jones
Attorney Noel Harlow at Van Kampen Law is one of the most savvy, smart, attorneys I have ever worked with. Truly outstanding customer service from the staff that communicates quickly back to you in a well organized competent way. Do not try do this alone call Noel, I promise you will not regret it.
Michelle Higgins
Michelle Higgins
I truly enjoyed working with Josh and Nikki. They are very professional and responsive and made this stressful process as smooth and easy as possible.