Verdict May Set Record for Employment Case Punitives

By: David Donovan A construction worker who was fired from his job working on a project in Charlotte—and physically assaulted by the project’s superintendent after complaining to management that the superintendent was drinking on the job—has won a $750,000 verdict against his former employer in federal court, attorneys for the worker report. Joshua Van Kampen, … Read more

Time Bar on NC Discharge Claims Not Retroactive: Judge

Law360, New York – A North Carolina federal judge concluded Friday that the state’s recent reduction of the statute of limitations for certain wrongful discharge claims, which stemmed from the now-infamous law limiting transgender individuals’ access to public facilities, can’t retroactively be used to kill a claim that would have been timely absent the change.

NC Legislature’s Tweak Leaves Bathroom Law Mostly Intact

Law360, New York (July 5, 2016) — North Carolina lawmakers have largely left intact a controversial transgender bathroom law that blocks local governments from granting civil rights protections to LGBT individuals, but restored the ability to sue for discriminatory termination in state courts and gave workers one year to bring such claims.