Crisis Management

There are run-of-the-mill employment law claims and then there are the employment claims that present existential crises for corporations and powerful individuals.

Crisis management cases typically involve prominent executives, politicians, or athletes abusing their power to prey upon women. However, whistleblower claims relating to corporate fraud can also present a tectonic threat and fall within the rubric of crisis management law. 

North Carolina Crisis Management Lawyers

Either way, in crisis-level litigation matters, there are a small cadre of heavy hitter law firms and lawyers representing victims and defendants who do battle in what is effectively a crisis arena. 

In North Carolina, Van Kampen Law has staked out ground as the “go to” firm for cases involving high-profile sexual harassment and corporate malfeasance. Its leader, Joshua Van Kampen, has been included in Super Lawyers’ “Top 100” list for attorneys in North Carolina and “Top 25” attorney list for Charlotte for the last five consecutive years.

These are not lists ranking the top employment lawyers in these geographies; Josh has consistently been recognized among the top attorneys in any practice area out of approximately 28,000 attorneys in North Carolina.

High Profile Case Counsel Selection

In high profile and crisis management cases, counsel selection and the decisions made by counsel can have seven and even eight-figure implications. Even more so, the decisions made by the victim while the abuse is ongoing can be even more impactful, so it is never too early to obtain experienced counsel in these types of cases.

Fortunately, Van Kampen Law has handled multiple high-profile harassment cases and can be an effective advocate and partner for individuals involved in these highly stressful matters. Ultimately, it is the client’s decision to proceed with the representation or not following a consult. 

Either way, the firm will maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding anything a victim shares during a consultation.