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Case Summary: Driskell vs. Summit Contracting Group, Inc.

Driskell vs. Summit Contracting Group, Inc. Full Case Brief Charlotte, NC – May 13, 2019 Here’s a recent case that Van Kampen Law PC argued and won in favor of their client (the plaintiff). Here are some of the highlights:
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Joint Statement from Parties Regarding Resolution of Litigation Against Calvary Church

Luis, Amaya and Francisco Borjas, Jon, Lucinda and Lucas Dunning, Thomas, Elizabeth and Carter Brundage, Johnathan, Carmen and Jaxon Shaw, and Serena and Sophia Kelleher v. Calvary Church and Patricia Collins 16-CVS-9
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Governor McCrory Signed Executive Order No. 93

Today Governor McCrory signed Executive Order No. 93 in an effort to walk back some of the effects of House Bill 2, which he signed into law himself just three weeks ago in the evening hours of March 23, 2016. In his order, the Governor states that he “supports and encourages” the General Assembly to take all necessary steps to restore a state cause of action for wrongful discharge based on employment discrimination.
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