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In Employment Litigation, losing is not an option.

Human Resources, Employee Relations, the Legal Department are aligned against you . . . your employer has trained for this day, the day you’ve become an expendable number at work.

This podcast is about winning. The fact is that our clients…come to us in dire straits. Often times they are arriving to us at a point when mistakes have been made, and opportunities were missed.

The Walking Papers podcast offers the first foray into learning how to turn the tables when you’ve been targeted at work.

The Walking Papers Podcast is designed to airdrop critical pieces of information… to people before they have the opportunity to meet with a lawyer. As an attorney, what I think I bring to the table is being an equalizer. Through our talent and our expertise… we’re able to flip that script and turn the tables in our employee’s favor.

Minutes matter. Your words and actions matter even more.

Winning in employment litigation means avoiding mistakes, and exploiting the mistakes that employers inevitably make.

The Walking Papers Podcast. Knowledge is power.

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The Walking Papers is a bi-weekly podcast by Van Kampen Law, a plaintiff-side employment law firm based out of Charlotte, NC. This podcast aims to give listeners, who are on the wrong side of some situation at work, practical advice on how to turn the tables on their employers. This podcast is just an educational resource. It does not constitute legal advice and is no substitute for consulting an employment attorney about your unique situation before making legal decisions. Visit our website for more online resources and videos at, or better yet, call (704) 247-3245 for a free initial intake interview so Van Kampen Law can evaluate your case.