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What do you do when your boss, human resources, employee relations, and the legal department have aligned against you? How do you turn the tables at work? When you’ve been targeted at work you need the Walking Papers Podcast.

Drawing on a wealth of experience, much learned from his time on the dark side (representing employers), North Carolina attorney Josh Van Kampen, of Van Kampen Law is here to provide practical advice for people who are on the wrong side of a situation at work. We will discuss the pitfalls to avoid and countermeasures to deploy that may save your job or put you in the best position to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Van Kampen Law is only one of a small handful of employment lawyers in North Carolina that exclusively practice plaintiff-side employment law. Based out of Charlotte, NC, Van Kampen Law combats discrimination, providing representation to victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment from the factory floor to the board room. To find out more or schedule a consultation fill out our Online Intake Form or call 704 247-3245 for a free initial intake interview with our experienced NC employment law attorneys. Until we have a chance to speak, keep your head up and wits about you.

“This Is My Rifle. There Are Many Like It, but This One Is Mine” — Litigation Basic Training, Part I: The Lawsuit

Josh Van Kampen

In the first of this three-part podcast series on the litigation process, employment lawyer, Josh Van Kampen, covers everything you need to know about filing your lawsuit, including how to write a complaint introduction, what court to file at, if you actually need a lawyer, and what to expect after your lawsuit is filed.

How To Combat Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Josh Van Kampen

Labor and employment attorney Michael Morrison wants you to know there’s a difference between being racist and being implicitly biased. In this episode, The Walking Papers Podcast expands on discrimination and how the lines between discrimination and implicit bias blur when an individual becomes aware yet indifferent to the negative outcomes of their bias. Michael offers ideas on how to use motivated awareness and inclusive integrity to combat bias in the workplace and legal field.

A Complete Guide To Your Rights Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace

Josh Van Kampen

In this episode of The Walking Papers Podcast, special guest, Michael Morrison, explains why employers have the right to require their team to get the COVID-19 vaccine via the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also dives into legal and practical considerations employers should make before mandating the vaccine and how reasonable accommodations protect employees who are unable to receive the vaccine because of a disability or a sincerely held religious practice or belief.

How to Find the Right Employment Lawyer and Why It’s Like Buying a Car

Josh Van Kampen

In this Walking Papers Podcast episode, Josh Van Kampen discusses the first steps anyone should take when seeking an employment lawyer, and why shopping around for the right fit is similar to picking the right car: you shouldn’t just go for the first, cheapest model you find. You’ll need to do some background research. These tips will help you find the right employment lawyer for your case.

The EEOC – Would You Like a Pedicure to Go Along With That Facial? Why Employers Receive the Spa Treatment, and You Are Steve Carell in 40-Year-Old Virgin

Josh Van Kampen

On this episode of the Walking Papers podcast, Attorney Josh Van Kampen gives listeners a glimpse under the hood of the lifecycle of an EEOC charge. EEOC investigators will not do much to help you or investigate. Learn how and when to file an EEOC charge, how the EEOC “investigates”, what you can do to improve your chances at the EEOC, and what happens when the EEOC concludes its investigation.

Step Into My Office, You’re Fired

Josh Van Kampen

This may sound familiar to some of you: you’re diligently preparing for a routine evaluation with your boss. You step into their office and an HR rep is there too. What’s going on? Your boss is terminating you. On this episode of Walking Papers podcast, Attorney Josh Van Kampen takes us inside the mind of your company and tells you not only what to expect during a termination meeting, but how to be prepared, how to conduct yourself, what to do, and what not to do, after a termination meeting.

Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefits During COVID-19?

Josh Van Kampen

The economic relief efforts surrounding COVID-19 have left many terminated and furloughed employees feeling anxious and confused. We’re here to help. In this episode of The Walking Papers, Van Kampen Law attorney, Lana Tigri, discusses eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, what can disqualify an applicant, how the appeal process works, and frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and unemployment benefits.

Quid Pro Quo Clarice – Will Workers Compensation Insurance Carriers or Short Term/Long Term Disability Insurers Have Your Back if You Contract COVID-19?

Josh Van Kampen

If you’re an essential employee who contracts COVID-19 while at work, your finances will be affected. Workers Compensation and temporary disability policies can help provide you coverage. In this episode, we explore the employment benefits you can use during the pandemic and the process of filing a claim.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Josh Van Kampen

Congress’ recently passed Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) addresses some concerns many workers have about their employment. In this week’s episode we deep dive into the FFCRA, addressing what employment rights it protects and the expected loopholes soon to emerge from the quickly passed legislation.

The Price is Right – What Can You Recover If You Win Your Wrongful Termination Case?

Josh Van Kampen

Getting fired from your job is one of the biggest fears that any employee has at the back of their minds. What if you were terminated unjustly or the grounds for removing employment are unfounded? Can you sue your employer for damages caused by your termination? In this episode, discover how you can recover from wrongful termination damages and the different types of damages that you can seek to recover from.

These are Not the Droids (I Mean Severance Packages) You’re Looking For, Jedi Mind Tricks for Enhancing Severance Offers

Josh Van Kampen

Getting laid off is probably one of the toughest things to happen to you in your career. In this weeks episode, Josh goes into detail about severance packages and negotiating your pay to get the best results for not only your employer, but for you as well.

Your Employment Rights During the Apocalypse – Your Job Protections During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Josh Van Kampen

Listen to our Employment Law podcast for a discussion about your legal employment rights and job protections during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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