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Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefits During COVID-19?

The economic relief efforts surrounding COVID-19 have left many terminated and furloughed employees feeling anxious and confused. We’re here to help. In this episode of The Walking Papers, Van Kampen Law attorney, Lana Tigri, discusses eligibility requirements for unemployment benefits, what can disqualify an applicant, how the appeal process works, and frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and unemployment benefits.

The Price is Right – What Can You Recover If You Win Your Wrongful Termination Case?

Getting fired from your job is one of the biggest fears that any employee has at the back of their minds. What if you were terminated unjustly or the grounds for removing employment are unfounded? Can you sue your employer for damages caused by your termination? In this episode, discover how you can recover from wrongful termination damages and the different types of damages that you can seek to recover from.

Take This Job and Shove It

When is enough enough? There might be less pros than cons when it comes to resigning from your position especially when considering a workplace discrimination lawsuit.

Tales From the Crypt of Lost Employment Cases

Questioning whether you should resign or take legal action against an employer? Josh explains common mistakes he sees workers make before they come to his office gives you insight on what steps you should take to get the best results possible.