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Josh Van Kampen mentioned by | Parents Sue Charlotte’s Calvary Church

The Calvary Church Child Development Center, located in Charlotte NC, expelled children because of their medical needs in the 2014-15 school year. The families hired attorney Josh Van Kampen and filed a complaint, demanding for the pre-school to provide a nurse and monetary compensation and to adopt the same legal obligations to accommodate, and not discriminate, against disabled children under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Two Families Sue Calvary Church, Saying Children Were Wrongly Expelled From Center

Two Mecklenburg County couples have sued Calvary Church, saying its child development center expelled their preschool-aged children after they developed medical conditions.
The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Mecklenburg County Superior Court, claims the center’s director expelled the students after one was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and the other with abdominal migraines.
Calvary is a nondenominational evangelical church on N.C. 51 in south Charlotte. About 850 children attend preschool or day care at its child development center, according to the church’s website.

Josh Van Kampen Quoted on Changes to the Rules of Discovery in NC Lawyers Weekly

Discovery, the all-important quest for information on which litigation depends, used to involve digging through warehouses full of paper documents, piled sky-high in cardboard boxes. Today, of course, electronic storage keeps an exponentially larger number of documents much closer to hand.
As the nature of discovery itself has changed, the law that governs it is changing, too. On Dec. 1, several major changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect, ones that will potentially have significant reverberations for litigators.

NC Lawyers Weekly features NC Employment Attorney Josh Van Kampen

The number of people filing charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that they had been discriminated against by their employer, has dropped steadily each of the past four years. Just over 4,000 charges were filed in the 2014 fiscal year, a 23 percent drop since 2010. The drop was evident over all the types of discrimination claims tracked by the EEOC.

Woman says Miracle on Hudson crash caused PTSD, then gets fired

CHARLOTTE, NC — Denise Lockie a survivor from the Miracle on the Hudson said she was wrongfully terminated after she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after the plane crash. She was returning home to Charlotte from a business trip when her plane went down in the Hudson River.

The Broader Impact of The “Hobby Lobby” Ruling

CHARLOTTE, NC – The big story on the national stage this week, continues to be the Supreme Court’s ruling that some businesses do not have to cover certain kinds of contraception. Justice Ginsburg stated in her dissent that the recent exemption creates a slippery slope concerning religious beliefs and the health of employees.