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Calvary Church Settles Child Discrimination Lawsuit

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – A settlement was reached Wednesday in a lawsuit filed in 2016 against a megachurch in south Charlotte that claimed discrimination against children with special needs. The lawsuit was filed in January 2016 against Calvary Church’s Child Development Center. Five families claimed their children were wrongly expelled or asked to leave the school because of perceived or real disabilities.

5 Tips To Help Employers Cope With Natural Disasters

The battering that Hurricane Florence dealt to the southeastern United States should serve as a fresh reminder to employers that advance planning is an important aspect of dealing with the chaos that nature can cause. See what the experts are saying employers should keep in mind when dealing with a natural disaster.

Verdict May Set Record for Employment Case Punitives

By: David Donovan A construction worker who was fired from his job working on a project in Charlotte—and physically assaulted by the project’s superintendent after complaining to management that the superintendent was drinking on the job—has won a $750,000 verdict against his former employer in federal court, attorneys for the worker report. Joshua Van Kampen, […]

HB2 Replacement No Deal for Some

CHARLOTTE, NC — The ACC will reconsider hosting championships in North Carolina after the repeal of House Bill Two. The ACC basketball tournament could come to Charlotte as early as 2019.

HB186 Sparks New Debate Over It’s Impact On Churches, Non-Profits

CHARLOTTE, NC — While some think House Bill 186 provides unnecessary protections for Churches and non-profits, others think it doesn’t go far enough. According to HB186, Churches and non-profits would be exempt from following a city’s non-discrimination ordinance. Charlotte Employment Attorney Josh Van Kampen says he sees no reason for the protection.

Too many breaks? Woman With IBS Struggles With Employer

A local customer service rep says she is frustrated with the company she works for after management has asked her to come to work early, to make up for what they believe is lost time from excessive breaks. The woman says she has a chronic illness that causes her to use the bathroom more than one to two break times allowed during the day.