HB186 Sparks New Debate Over It’s Impact On Churches, Non-Profits

Josh Van Kampen on HB 186
CHARLOTTE, NC — While some think House Bill 186 provides unnecessary protections for Churches and non-profits, others think it doesn’t go far enough. According to HB186, Churches and non-profits would be exempt from following a city’s non-discrimination ordinance.

Charlotte Employment Attorney Josh Van Kampen says he sees no reason for the protection.

“Religious organizations and charitable organizations are given public benefit, which is they don’t have to pay taxes,” says Kampen, “so it’s certainly fair to expect them to also follow basic laws that protect members of the public.”

Groups like Keep NC Safe however, say they don’t believe the bill goes far enough.

In a statement released by Keep NC Safe Spokesperson Tami Fitzgerald, she says it “would not provide the freedom for those who have religious beliefs to live and work according to their beliefs.” Fitzgerald says it would limit the religious freedom to the four walls of a Church.

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