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Kevin Murphy Quoted in Law360 Article on the Use of Restrooms by Transgender People

Law360, New York (March 24, 2016) – A hastily enacted North Carolina law that undid a Charlotte anti-discrimination ordinance that in part allowed transgender people to use the restroom of their choice could potentially limit access to state courts for employees trying to pursue a wide range of discrimination claims, including those related to race and gender, plaintiffs attorneys say.

Josh Van Kampen Weighs In On 4 Biggest Questions Facing Discrimination Attorneys

Hot-button issues like sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace, the treatment of pregnant employees and medical marijuana use aren’t just grabbing headlines, but they’re also raising questions that can puzzle even seasoned attorneys. Law360 asked experts to identify the biggest open questions about employment discrimination law and offer some suggestions to help businesses address them.

Josh Van Kampen Quoted in Law360 Article on Overtime Regulations

Josh Van Kampen said he expected that some employers’ ignorance of or willingness to flout the new requirements would set them up as “low- hanging fruit” for future wage-hour plaintiffs. “Notwithstanding our management colleagues’ attempts to train on this, there are going to be scores of employers who are just caught flat-footed and don’t do anything at all,” Van Kampen said.

Josh Van Kampen Quoted in Law360 Article on Growth of FLSA lawsuits

As the number of Fair Labor Standards Act complaints filed in U.S. federal courts continues to climb, attorneys say the more modest growth in new cases over the past few years could be chalked up to aggressive efforts by major employers to improve their payment systems, keep a close eye on managers and never let their guard down.