COVID-19 NC Employment Law Resources For Employees

With Coronavirus creating uncertain and unprecedented working conditions for employees, we are committed now more than ever to protecting the rights of North Carolina workers. Workplaces have shut down and temporarily laid off workers leaving many people with unanswered questions about their income and employment status. To better protect the rights of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have compiled our Coronavirus employment law resources for employees in one place. If you find yourself questioning your employment rights during these unique times, please fill out our confidential intake form.

COVID-19 Employment Law Practice Areas

As more issues and concerns around workforce safety during COVID-19 arise, workers will have to continue to adjust to our “new normal”. This period of adaptation will impact employees the most. Unemployment and furloughs are on the rise, and people are being left with no answers. Businesses operations are restricted by state mandates and limited income. Looming downsizes and uncertain working conditions has lead to more employee’s legal rights being violated. Workers need to know their legal employment rights in North Carolina. Employment law practice areas most likely to be affected by the Coronavirus pandemic may include:

Coronavirus News: North Carolina Employment Attorney Josh Van Kampen

North Carolina Attorney Josh Van Kampen is committed to battling violations of labor and employment rights during COVID-19. Van Kampen Law is working closely with local news organizations to make sure the people of North Carolina’s employment rights are protected during COVID-19.

WSOC-TV Channel 9 reporter Brittney Johnson covering Van Kampen Law in a COVID-19 Report.

What To Do If Your Job Puts You At Risk of COVID-19

Van Kampen Law was recently featured on WSOC-TV Channel 9 Eyewitness News. Anchor Brittney Johnson interviewed Josh Van Kampen about the biggest COVID-19 safety concerns people are facing on the job and what to do if your job puts you at risk. Learn what you can do if your job puts you at risk of COVID-19 and see the laws that protect public health whistleblowers against retaliation.

Video by WSOCTV featuring Van Kampen Law Remote learning options for working parents

What Options Do Working Parents Have When Remote Learning Starts?

School starts in a few weeks, and many students will be learning remotely from home. Lots of working parents are wondering what to do, especially if their child isn’t old enough to stay at home alone or needs help keeping up with the schoolwork. Learn more about the laws and regulations to protect your employment rights during this transitional period.

Will Workers Comp Kick in if You Catch the Coronavirus?

CHARLOTTE — If you get hurt on the job, you are probably covered to get worker’s compensation. However, if you get the COVID-19 virus on the job, that may not be the case. Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke looks into what happens whether workers comp comes into play if you catch the virus. For more resources […]

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EEOC Coronavirus Guidance No Silver Bullet For ADA Risks

Recently issued U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission guidelines give employers leeway to aggressively respond to coronavirus, but experts say employers will have to tread carefully without violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. Further legislation must protect workers and show that employees with COVID-19 are not an impediment to employers.

Many Healthcare Workers Are Demanding Hazard Pay

By: Jason Stoogenke – Updated: April 3, 2020 – 1:57 PM CHARLOTTE — Lashonda Price is a registered medical assistant for Atrium Health. She told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke she was working in a doctor’s office, but she’s now at Atrium Health – Main — coming in contact with COVID-19 patients. “I am actually doing […]

COVID-19 NC Employment Law Articles

The COVID-19 outbreak has complicated North Carolina’s ill-equipped employment law statues. As the virus spread, the government has been forced to create new standards for employee rights. Learn more about the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and other laws that now impact your livelihood.

Workers’ Rights During a Layoff Where The Employer Files For Bankruptcy

Workers’ Rights During a Layoff Where The Employer Files For Bankruptcy

The economic and social impact of COVID-19 has been devastating to our global workforce. With unprecedented mass layoffs and furloughs, millions of people are at risk of losing their livelihoods and falling into extreme poverty because of employer bankruptcy. Upon notice of a company’s intention to file for bankruptcy, it is crucial to determine what options may be available to an employee wanting to protect their claims against their employer. Here are action steps to protect yourself when facing a layoff because of company bankruptcy.

Hazard Pay for Heroes: Advocating Increased Pay for Those on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Healthcare workers and first responders are forced to report to work, day after day, to battle the life-threatening COVID-19 virus. Sadly, there is no legal requirement that their employers provide them with hazard pay, despite the grave dangers they continue to face. What is hazard pay and how can it impact the workers putting their lives on the line to help infected patients?

I got COVID-19 at Work; Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

What can you do if you contract COVID-19 while on the job? Even though you can file a workers’ compensation claim, you still have to prove how you contracted the virus. Those who have a greater exposure at work are more likely to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits than those who have the same likelihood of contracting the virus as the general public.

COVID-19 FAQs for Employees

COVID-19, also know as the CoronaVirus, is creating uncertain and unprecedented working conditions for employees. Workplaces are shutting down and temporarily laying off workers leaving many people with unanswered questions about their income and employment status. Many of these questions relate to the legality of situations. We’ve taken time to answer some frequently asked questions to ease your worrying during this troubling time.

COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits | Van Kampen Law

Financial Struggles Due to COVID-19 Concerns? Unemployment Benefits May be Saving Grace for North Carolinians, But More Action is Needed

Given the recent pandemic due to COVID-19, many employees are concerned about their ability to earn an income if their workplace shuts its doors, or even if their hours are simply reduced – and rightfully so. Unfortunately, the law has some significant gaps when it comes to addressing such questions as these are unprecedented times that the law had not yet contemplated.

Coronavirus Podcast Episodes from The Walking Papers Podcast

The Walking Papers Podcast is closely following Coronavirus employment law updates and discussing their implications in detail with other legal advocates. Know your labor rights. Listen to The Walking Papers employment law podcast for current updates on legal codes and COVID-19.

A Complete Guide To Your Rights Regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates in the Workplace

In this episode of The Walking Papers Podcast, special guest, Michael Morrison, explains why employers have the right to require their team to get the COVID-19 vaccine via the Americans with Disabilities Act. He also dives into legal and practical considerations employers should make before mandating the vaccine and how reasonable accommodations protect employees who are unable to receive the vaccine because of a disability or a sincerely held religious practice or belief.